Rule LANG-2
Markup must used to indicate changes from the default language on a page.


Best Practice Type: Pass/Check

  • If there is text content within a page that is different than the default language of the page, the lang attribute must be used on a container element for the text content and the value of the lang attribute must be set to the language of the content.



Associated Accessibility Guidelines and Standards

Guideline or
Requirement Priority Test
IITAA 2.3 Identify the language of text. Required Violation
Section 508 none none
WCAG 1.0 4.1 Clearly identify changes in the natural language of a document/s text and any text equivalents (e.g., captions). Required Violation
WCAG 2.0 3.1.2 Language of Parts: The human language of each passage or phrase in the content can be programmatically determined except for proper names, technical terms, words of indeterminate language, and words or phrases that have become part of the vernacular of the immediately surrounding text. Required Violation


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