Image Link


When images are used as the content of a link, the text equivalent should identify the destination of the link instead of the graphical content of the image. This will ensure that the users without visual access to images can access and understand the function of the link represented by the image.

Benefits to People with Disabilities

  1. Screen reader users can understand the target of an image link.

Benefits to Everyone

  1. Text equivalents that indicate the target of the link make it easier for all users to navigate links.
  2. Users receive improved search results as search engines have more accurate information on the links.

Benefits to Developers

  1. Locating and updating links on web resources is easier when text equivalents indicate target of links.
  2. Search results of web resources improve as search engines have more accurate information on the content of the link.

More Information

  1. W3C WCAG 1.0 link techniques


area[alt] (HTML4)

img[alt] (HTML4)

a (HTML4)

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