Informative Image Rules


area[alt] (HTML4)

img[alt] (HTML4)


Rules for Informative Image
# Testing Description Implementation
FAE Firefox

Every img element must have alt attribute.

1.0 1.5
IMGINFO.2 Pass/Warning IMGINFO.2

Descriptions should be meaningful and contain at least 7 and less than 90 characters.

Requirement Notes

If the content of the alt attribute is not empty, it should contain at least 7 characters and less than 90 characters. The text should provide people who cannot see the image with an orientation to the content and the purpose of the image in the web resource.

Implementation Notes

  • No evaluation should be made when the alt attribute content is empty.
NI 1.5
IMGINFO.3 Pass/Warning IMGINFO.3

The alt attribute content should not include file name of the image.

Implementation Notes

  • File names in the alt attribute will be checked by identifying common image file suffixes in the alt attribute content, including: .jpg, .jpeg, .jfif, .gif, .png, .tif and .tiff.
NI 1.5
IMGINFO.4 Pass/Warning IMGINFO.4

The alt attribute content should not include information that is redundant with the img element.

Implementation Notes

  • For English the following words should not appear anywhere in the alt attribute content: “image”, “picture”, “graphic”, “photo” and “photograph”.
NI 1.5