onMouseOver/Out must have onFocus/onBlur events


The use of Javascript with HTML to create interactive and dynamic web pages creates the responsibility for keyboard access to these features. When developers use the onmouseover and onmouseout event handlers they must make sure the functions associated with the event handlers are also supported by the keyboard, typically using the onfocus and onblur event handlers.

Benefits to People with Disabilities

  1. People with disabilities can use keyboard commands in addition to mouse commands to activate event handlers for styling effects and changing content.

Benefits to Everyone

  1. All users will benefit from being able to use keyboard commands in addition to the mouse to activate event handlers, especially touch typists who do not like to take their fingers off the home keys.

Benefits to Developers

  1. Developers benefit by providing users with multiple ways to interact with their web resources, including mobile technologies.


[onmouseout] (HTML4)

[onmouseover] (HTML4)

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