onClick Event Handler must be on Focusable Element


Popular browsers support both keyboard and mouse activation of onClick event handlers. Browser keyboard support of the onClick event handler is dependent on the event handlers being part of elements that the browser can give keyboard focus. These elements include a, input, select, textarea and button elements. Assistive technologies require that the onClick event handler is an attribute of the focusable element and not rely on event bubbling to respond to keyboard events.

Benefits to People with Disabilities

  1. People with disabilities can use keyboard commands to activate onClick event handlers that are compatible with assitive technologies.

Benefits to Everyone

  1. All users will benefit from being able to use keyboard commands in addition to mouse clicks to activate onClick event handlers, especailly touch typists who do not like to take the fingers off the home keys.

Benefits to Developers

  1. Developers benefit from having cleaner more readable code and providing users with multiple ways to interact with there web resources.


[onclick] (HTML4)

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