Simple Data Table Example

Data Table Example

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Use of Microsoft Office to Create Web Materials

Power Point Word Excel
Instructors 71% 87.9% 51.4%
Web Developers 43.7% 84,9% 43.7%
Disability Support 57.7% 73.1% 46.2%
Others 42.9% 78.6% 40.5%

HTML Source Code

  <h3>Use of Microsoft Office to Create Web Materials</h3>

  <table summary="70% of Instructors use Microsoft Office to create instructional web materials" border="1">

        <th id="ID0">Power Point</th>
        <th id="ID2" scope="col">Word</th>
        <th id="ID3" scope="col">Excel</th>

        <th id="ID1">Instructors</th>
        <td headers="ID0 ID1">71%</td>
        <td headers="ID2 ID1">87.9%</td>
        <td headers="ID3 ID1">51.4%</td>
        <th id="ID4">Web Developers</th>
        <td headers="ID0 ID4">43.7%</td>
        <td headers="ID2 ID4">84,9%</td>
        <td headers="ID3 ID4">43.7%</td>
        <th id="ID5">Disability Support</th>
        <td headers="ID0 ID5">57.7%</td>
        <td headers="ID2 ID5">73.1%</td>
        <td headers="ID3 ID5">46.2%</td>
        <th id="ID6">Others</th>
        <td headers="ID0 ID6">42.9%</td>
        <td headers="ID2 ID6">78.6%</td>
        <td headers="ID3 ID6">40.5%</td>