Subheading Rules


h2-h6 (HTML4)


Rules for Subheading
# Testing Description Implementation
FAE Firefox
HEAD.1 Manual Check HEAD.1

Each section of a web page must have a heading and the heading must describe content of the section.

HEAD.2 Pass/Fail HEAD.2

Heading elements that follow the last h1 element must be properly nested.

1.0 1.5
HEAD.3 Pass/Fail HEAD.3

All subheadings (h2…h6) must contain text content.

Implementation Notes

  • Text content includes all text nodes of children of the heading element.
  • Leading and trailing spacing characters are ignored. NOTE: If the text content is only spaces it will be treated as empty.
  • If an img element with an alt attribute is contained in a subheading (h2-h6) element, the alt attribute value is inserted into the subheading text content in the order of appearance in the document to become part of the text content of the subheading element.
1.0 1.5
HEAD.4 Pass/Warning HEAD.4

Sub haedings of the same level should have content between the headings

HEAD.5 Pass/Warning HEAD.5

The text content of headings of the same level within the same section should be unique.

1.0 1.5
HEAD.6 Pass/Warning HEAD.6

The text content of an subheading element (h2-h6) should not only come from the alt attribute value of img elements.

Implementation Notes

  • CSS should be used to style the text content of subheading elements instead of images.
1.0 1.5
HEAD.7 Pass/Warning HEAD.7

The text content of headings should be concise (less than 65 characters).

NI 1.5